Jul 04

Introducing Amplyfire

We've just launched a new website for our hot new mobile product AmplyFire - a low cost solution for publishing content to smartphones and tablets. Let us know what you think! Visit
Nov 26

BandwidthBlog: Create a native iOS app for any WordPress website

MoPublication makes it really quick and easy to create a native iOS app (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) for any WordPress website, simply by installing a plugin. “The entire process has been designed to be as seamless and intuitive as possible so that even a non-technical person can create an app for…
Nov 23

BusinessTech: “A really awesome technology company”

A new technology startup, Grenade was founded in March 2012 with a vision to develop web and mobile products for publishers and content-rich businesses in South Africa and other emerging markets. Grenade has three shareholders – Prefix (Everlytic) is the main investors and shareholder, with Colin Daniels (CEO) and Robin…
Oct 29

Techcentral: Grenade lobbed into online media

A new Johannesburg-based digital content management company, Grenade, wants to help publishers manage their content and take it to the mobile Web without them breaking the bank in the process. Founded in February by Colin Daniels, 30, and Robin Pietersen, 29, Grenade offers two content management products, one for Web…
Jul 07
Apr 19

Grenade Featured on Bizcommunity

Grenade, a new agency founded by online veterans Colin Daniels (@youngblood) and Robin Pietersen (@robinpietersen), will focus on developing web and mobile products for publishers and content-rich businesses in emerging markets. They were previously partners in a digital agency. The massive growth in bandwidth consumption, demand for content in the BRICS region…