Sep 08

5 Tips for Creating an Effective Brand

A brand is far more than a logo or set of colours. It is a representation of the values your company, product, or yourself hold most dear. The purpose of your brand is to create an identity that gives others an opportunity to understand who you are. Hopefully, that understanding results in some sort of meaningful relationship.

Here are a few tips and guidelines to keep in mind when developing your brand.

Tip 1: Have a personality and be human

When creating your brand, build a unique personality that reflects your brand’s core values and message. This will help your brand create an emotional connection with its audience (excitement, joy, confidence etc.) and will ensure that your brand is memorable. Always remember that while your brand might represent an organisation or company, the audience that you are talking to is human. Therefore, it’s important to treat them as such and remain human yourself. If not, you will lose any hope of gaining trust and loyalty.

Grenade example: ‘Grenades in the Wild’ – We use our Facebook page to promote various photos of the Grenade team and friends enjoying the outdoors and doing what they love. All dressed in high quality Grenade branded clothing of course!

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Tip 2: Be consistent

In terms of brand building, consistency is critical! Consistency will build familiarity, confidence and trust in your brand. Inconsistency in your values, message, graphics, blogging schedule, tweets etc., will quickly translate into inconsistent products and services.

Grenade example: All our digital representations are branded in a similar manner and convey the same message. See our website, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts and join, follow, share if you haven’t already!


Tip 3: Add value

If you are not adding value, you are making a noise. You’ve seen it before, that faceless self promoting, product punting twitter account that just won’t stop tweeting about its not so special specials. Don’t be that guy. Add value by sharing your knowledge, give back to the people that keep your brand afloat and put your agenda second. This will tell your audience that you have their best interests at heart, that it is not all about the bottom line and that you are willing to earn your place in the brands that they hold close to their hearts.

Grenade example: Blog posts, tweets, free branded sports clothing for our friends and customers.


Tip 4: Tell your story

Stories create a journey. Many people may be on the same journey or wish they were. Tell your story, share your journey, and if you are lucky, people will join you for the ride. Stories create loads of touch points that give your audience an opportunity to create meaningful associations with your brand. Over time, all these small connections with your brand will develop into a bond that is difficult to sever and easy to leverage for mutual benefit. Just be careful not to turn your story into a soap opera. It should be short, sweet and (once again) add value to their lives.

Grenade example: We share loads of behind the scenes posts as well as accomplishments on our Blog and Facebook page.


Tip 5: Don’t drop the ball

This one really should come first but I thought I would save it for last so that it stays fresh in your mind. You can do everything by the book, have exceptional creative, tell a wonderful story, share, love, be kind, give away free chocolate coated marshmallows, but if you are not providing exceptional service or an awesome product, none of the above can help you. Quality should form the foundation of your brand. Without it you will not build trust or develop any sustainable relationship with your audience.

Grenade example: Work with us and find out for yourself!



Brands are complicated, but so are the people you are connecting with. Be interesting, be honest, true to yourself and respect the people that will ultimately decide the fate of your brand.

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