Mar 19

Hip Hip Grenade

We always celebrate the launch of a new website, especially when it’s ours!

Our new site went live today and we’re very happy with the way that it turned out. Our primary goal was to retain some of the unique character of the previous site while signaling our transformation from a small tech start-up to a high-end digital agency.

What’s especially cool about the launch of this site, and pretty tear-jerking at the same time in a masculine sort of way, is that it’s gone live in the same month that we celebrate our 2 year anniversary! *Sniff* Oh, I almost forgot, the new site is responsive and looks great on desktop browsers, smartphones and tablets.

In the coming weeks we plan on adding some new nifty features and additional illustrations so keep checking-in.

PS Let us know what you think!
PPS I’m currently leading the office foosball rankings in both singles and doubles. W00ties!