Advanced Martian technology


AmplyFire enables publishers and marketers to publish content such as brochures, catalogues, inserts, magazines, newspapers, training materials etc., to smartphones and tablets via their own branded apps.

AmplyFire is a multi-platform product and currently offers native support for phones and tablets that run on the iOS and Android operating systems and there are plans to roll out support for other platforms in future.

AmplyFire apps are built in a few weeks according to customer specifications, giving customers full control over branding. They are designed to provide the best possible user experience in both portrait and landscape modes for each type of device.

Data feeds can also be integrated into each app which makes it possible for publishers and marketers to provide users with a rich experience.

Once the app has been published and the end-user has downloaded it from one of the app stores, all the customer has to do is upload and manage their content through our web-based Client Zone. AmplyFire does the rest including hosting the content and supplying the necessary bandwidth to enable users to download the information quickly and read it on their devices.

Technical support and updates are included in the standard licensing fee.

For a full list of features and further information please visit the AmplyFire website.

Great White Label

Great White Label is a cost effective solution for companies that require their own branded iOS and Android apps so that you can focus on the content while we handle the technology.

Some of the benefits of Great White Label include:

Fully White-labelled

Completely rebranded with your own choice of branding – no reference to Great White Label.

You also have the option to publish the app under your own developer account.

Fast Turnaround

Native mobile apps usually take months to develop at huge financial expense. Our apps can be configured in minutes through a custom plugin and can go live in the app store in a few days.

Support & Training

We’re behind you all the way. You get free access to priority email and telephonic support. We also offer training to help you manage your mobile content and get the most out of the product.

Affordable Pricing

You only pay a setup fee and low monthly licensing fee. We also offer a once-off buyout option.

For a full list of features and further information please visit the Great White Label website.